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TrueThomas crohns “Wow! It just clicked. I've been on Humira since July 2013 and for 48 hours after my shot I feel…”
sedrazine Im not a Fangirl “I just wanted to play 1Dreamboy 2: One Direction and it wouldn't let me play until I filled out a…”
kellington66 remicade infusions “I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 1998 and was on a lot of different meds. Had surgery in 2001 where…”
jpugs Humira... am I injecting correctly? “Not only having Crohns and using Humira, I also work in a Pharmacy and help to train new patients on…”
JaeLoe Kefir, Have you tried this? “I understand that it is somewhat like yogurt, in that it is made from fermented bacterial cultures and dairy products.”

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