Hello all! Anyone out there?

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Hey, I'm new to this site. My name's Red and I was diagnosed with Crohn's on Christmas eve when I was 13. I'm 20 years old now and sometimes I feel like I am misdiagnosed. Compared to the typical side effects occasionally I feel things that are aren't 'common' whatever that should mean. I just wanna make sure I'm not the only one out on here today and that I'm not the only one that has different variants of the same disease. I know you've all had family, friends, and even doctors telling you that something is just all in your head. You don't have to be alone and I don't want to keep feeling alone on this. Please anyone out there reading? How are things for you? Are your symptoms consistent with others? How is your luck with doctors? And most of all anything you learned about Crohns and the thing's it's changed inside of you?

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  • thaditzy1
    thaditzy1 September 17, 2014 at 6:20 pm   

    Hi! I have crohns, I got diagnosed when I was 20. I'm 26 now. Ik alot of ppl with crohns but everyone seems to have different issues. I've had 2 surgeries, and almost had a 3rd recently so decided to reach out to other ppl to see what they're doing and how they're keeping it under control. For me my only symptoms I deal with constantly is tummy aches, joint aches, and if stressed out something called erythema nodosum which causes super painful almost like bruises on my lower legs. What type of symptoms do you have that make u feel misdiagnosed?

  • Hyrum Anderton
    Hyrum Anderton September 8, 2014 at 12:51 pm   

    Welcome Montast. Having a variant of any disease can be frustrated b/c it can't be treated exactly the same. I don't have crohn's orreally know anybody close that has it. I just wanted to tell you welcome. I am the community manager here if you need anything just let me know.

  • Mema Sue
    Mema Sue September 7, 2014 at 2:14 pm   

    remember everyone & everyones body reacts differently. Sometimes your Crohns can be managed with diet and vitamins, which I did for close to 20 yrs. Some bad spells made me go towards traditional medicine, predizone & remicade which have found out I am allergic to., so went back to holistics . then the crohns attacked my skin…which I had never heard of. It was to the point I had to keep my entire body covered and was starting on my face & hands. I have now been on Humira (which my Dr said most likely wouldnt help. I am doing great. My biggest fear now is that I will not be granted another year on comp from drug company & can not afford Humira on my own. So really there is no one cure of med, your body & its reactions are always changing. Keep an open mind for trying new thing and always remember the is someone out there who has a larger problem than yours. ONE DAY @ A TIME !

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