Bone Marrow Transplant for Crohn's Disease

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At Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, they are doing Bone Marrow Transplants for Crohn's and from what I learned from Dr. Burt is that they have been very successful. You must have a full blooded sibling (sharing both parents) that is a match (for bone marrow donor). Testing for this is simple. First though, you would have to go to Chicago for a series of tests to be evaluated to see if you are even a candidate. If you are, they will mail the test kit to you and your full blooded sibling to have blood test for Bone Marrow typing. There is a 25% chance you will match. If your sibling has any autoimmune disorders, they may not be a good candidate. Also to donate is easy part, cause they can get it from the blood (after getting shot for 3 days), then they are done. Bone Marrow transplant process will take approx. a month, but it is a cure.. it will be like having a new immune system. There are always risks, but if you are looking for cure, it is the best option I have found. I think it is bigger risk for me not to have it done cause I have severe Crohn's. Best wishes. Please let me know your experiences.

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  • Crohns_strong
    Crohns_strong December 27, 2015 at 10:39 am   

    This is very interesting. I've also read where in the UK they are doing stem cell therapy for crohn's and that it is having a very high success rate. I wish they would start with this in the US because I would definitely be interested in trying the stem cell therapy.

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